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I primarily do complete staging of non occupied residences. All homes featured on my website are non occupied residences staged with my inventory. However, I also have worked with clients editing what they already own, sometimes with a budget to purchase key pieces the clients cherish in their next home. With either approach the goal is to make buyers fall in love with the client’s property to get the best sale.

I do this by making each property shine like the star of its own unique story, by highlighting the house's loveliest features. I never just apply one go to aesthetic that suits "my look." I also make the property as inviting and spacious as possible, bring it to life by adding live plants, so that the end result feels as elegant as it does organic to the particular home. Often people even wonder if it's staged. My approach is strategic and successful, consistently resulting in multiple offers and over listing sales. 

If you are in Silver Lake or its surrounding area, and would like to set up an appointment for a walk through to receive a quote, please call or text me.



Daniella Southgate